Answered By: Elaine M. Patton
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2018     Views: 7

The time it takes for a requested item to be delivered depends on several factors. It's mostly dependent on how many other people have requested the item ahead of you, which you can see when you're on the Request Confirmation page.

Request Confirmation screenshot

When an item has other holds on it, the current user cannot make renewals, so the maximum checkout period is the standard two (2) weeks. That means that if you're the fifth person in line for an item we only have one copy of, it could be 10 weeks before it's your turn (or less, if people return early).

The number of copies owned by the system has an impact on how long it takes before an item is delivered. If you're fifth in line, but we have 12 copies, you're going to receive your hold much more quickly.

Finally, there's just the matter of when the hold is placed and if each library has already pulled their holds of the day, when it gets processed and put on the truck, and when it gets processed at the receiving library.

So how long am I waiting?

You should expect to allow a minimum of 2-3 business days to receive your requested item. It's impossible to estimate a "maximum time," but hold requests do stay valid for a year.