Answered By: Elaine M. Patton
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There are two slightly different ways of accomplishing this depending on whether you're using Word on PC or Mac.

MS Word on PC Instructions:

  1. Open the header space (Insert > Header, or right-click in the margin > Open Header, or double-click the margin space). 
  2. Look for a checkbox labeled "Different First Page" and select that option.
    Header Tools screenshot
  3. On the title (first) page, on the left side of the margin, write: Running head: SHORT VERSION OF YOUR PAPER TITLE.
  4. Tab over to the right corner of the margin and insert the page number using the Page Number button in the Header & Footer Design Tools.
    Header tools screenshot - page number
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the second (abstract) page, but omit the words "Running head:" on the left side.


MS Word on Mac Instructions:

Version 1:

  1. Open up the header on your document.
    Mac header & footer screenshot
  2. Check the "Different First Page" checkbox and start writing your header.
  3. Click the Page # button to add page numbers to your header.

Version 2:

  1. Go to Format > Document.
    Mac Format Document screenshot
  2. In the window that opens, switch to Layout view. Select the "Different first page" checkbox, then click OK.
    Mac Layout screenshot