Answered By: Elaine M. Patton
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You can find maps of the LSC - University Park campus online. Maps include one that shows the campus's location at Louetta and SH 249; one that shows the buildings of the campus; and a few select floor maps for levels 2-5 of Building 13.

LSC-UP campus map

Some locations of note:

  • Business Office, Student Services, Assessment Center, Student Life, and the DEN are in building 13, floor 2.
  • Faculty and administrative offices are in building 13, floor 8 (turn left from the elevators). Ask the person at the reception desk to the right to help you find your instructor's office.
  • The library and tutoring are in building 12, floor 8 (turn right from the elevators).
  • The bookstore is in The Commons, floor 2 (just on the other side of building 11).
  • There is an Office of Technology Services office in building 13, room 717.