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You can find maps of the LSC-University Park campus online. The buildings connect via the 2nd floor walkway, and most services have offices on the second floor.

Campus map for LSC-University Park


Parking garages 10 and 11 (PG-10 and PG-11 on the map) are where to park. Reserved spots are marked with signs; all other unmarked spots are fair game. There is also a parking lot at EMI.

CSI has a few parking spots and a drop-off zone. There is also parking and a drop-off zone at the front/flag entrance of Building 13, accessible from Compaq Center Dr.


Some locations of note:

  • Administrative (and some faculty) offices are in building 13, floor 8 (turn left from the elevators). Ask the person at the reception desk to the right to help you find your instructor's office.
  • There is an Office of Technology Services (IT department) office in building 13, room 717. 



  • The Business Office is in building 13, floor 2, just past advising (B13.249).
  • The Financial Aid office is in building 12, floor 2, just before the elevator lobby and "behind" Student Development (B12.233). 
  • Career & Transfer Center is in building 12, floor 2, across from Minuti (B12.232 Student Development suite).

Class Registration & Enrollment:

  • Student Services: Advising in building 13, floor 2, just past the elevator lobby.
  • Admissions office is in "North Receiving Building" which isn't labeled on the map. It's the area where the hallway splits as you come in from the parking garages. Turn right towards Building 11 and you'll see it.
  • Career & Transfer Center is in building 12, floor 2.

Student Resources:

  • The bookstore is in The Commons (C), floor 2 (just on the other side of building 11).
  • The library and tutoring are in building 12, floor 8 (turn right from the elevators).
  • Student Life and the Den are in the Commons, near the bookstore (CB.229).
  • Assessment Center is in building 13, floor 2, end of the hallway, after the business office.
  • Counseling and Disability Services are in building 13, floor 2, across from Minuti (B12.232 Student Development suite).


  • The cafeteria is in "East Dining," which is the second floor of the C (for Commons) on the map.
  • Leo's Pantry is in building 13, floor 2, just past the elevators (B13.210B).

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